Thousands of Happy Customers

Thousands of happy customers have had the chance to experience the relaxing, therapeutic massage services provides at the Spa at 500/The Art of Massage. Browse below for a few examples of the positive feedback we've received from our past clients. If you'd like to see how massage therapy can help you, visit our informational page about massage.

Customer About the Customer
Bill Beacham

Margaret  indeed  has excellent gifted hands. When she is done you feel like a new person, so relaxed and able to take on the world. Making you glad you requested the service. Cant wait for my next first class five star massage!

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Boyke

I can’t seem to find the
right words to express how grateful I am to the Spa 500 and Art of Massage for
keeping my mind and body healthy. I study musical theatre at Syracuse
University. At the same time that I am expected to act and sing, I am also
required to dance. The emotional and physical toll my body takes from all of my
classes would overpower me if it weren’t for the amazing staff at the Spa. The
crippling tension I hold in my body that would eventually lead to injury melts
away during each session. Any injury I did have seems to heal faster once my
body is helped into a truly relaxed and rested state. And who needs a
hairdresser when you have an understanding masseuse to talk to about what is causing
all the stress in your life (or to simply smile at you when you fall asleep to
their touch and the music). If it weren’t for my family at the Spa 500 and the
Art of Massage, my time at Syracuse University wouldn’t have been nearly as
rewarding or relaxed. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Kristin Earle

The Spa at 500/ Art of Massage is a hidden
paradise! Just blocks from downtown is a haven of peacefulness and tranquility.
The Spa at 500 offers it all! It has the same amenities you desire without the
inflated cost or painfully long drive. Ed and all the massage therapists pay
close attention to detail, ensuring you have both a relaxing and healing
experience. The spa offers a hair salon, (Goode Looks salon) where Shawndell
and her staff are there to make your hair dreams a reality. The Spa at 500 is the perfect choice if
you’re a bride looking to get relaxed and ready for your big day, or you’re a
high powered business person looking to unwind after a long day. It is favorite place of solace in Central New
York. Good job to Ed and his staff for having such an amazing retreat in the
heart of Syracuse!”-  Kristin Earle, Habitat for Humanity

Kevin Collins

2:15 marathoner, Top US finisher, IAAF World Marathon Championships

"I began massage last year after stagnating marathon performances stretching back nearly a decade. The results have culminated in my finest year ever, earning a berth on the US World Cup marathon team, and runner of honors at the US marathon team and runner of honors at the US marathon championships twice. I'm certain it was due to being able to increase the frequency of my hard training sessions as the massages promoted speedier recovery from workout to workout. I find myself enjoying a long stretch of injury-free running - with big thanks to the staff of the Art of Massage."

Kevin Frank

"The Art of Massage was a great gift to our whole family during Emily's pregnancy with Joshua." "Give yourself or someone you love the gift of massage."

Ann Marie Taliercio

"My overall energy level is so much better after my massage." "I feel freedom of movement, and I can think so much more clearly."

Patti Ford

Record Holding-US Women's Indoor Masters 3000M

"I started massage therapy to aid my recovery from a chronic injury and was very pleased with the results (I'm running faster than ever at age 44!). I continue therapy to help recover more quickly and fully from my hard training sessions ..."

Mario DeSantis

The Mario DeSantis Orchestra

"... After my auto accident, the pain in my neck and shoulders was so bad that I was having difficulty sleeping. With each week that passes, I am finding more relief and am optimistic that soon I will be completely back to normal. You have made a believer of me."